Friday, November 30, 2007

Geek Envy

I recently received my Google Summer of Code t-shirt in the mail. Here are a couple of photos showing its awesomeness:

In related news from the Why Google Is So Well Loved department, I also received some swag for my Women in CS event coming up in December. I got enough umbrellas and sticky notepads for everyone who signed up (and for my guest speaker), and a few really nice mugs that I will probably draw names for. All of this has the Google women's logo, which I have never personally even seen before, making it rare in my eyes, and all the more special. I am certain that everyone who attends our event in a couple of weeks is going to love this stuff!


Haz said...


The SoC t-shirts were kinda feminine too though :p. Kristie wears mine ;). I still like the '05 ones the best.

Gail said...

Yeah, a lot of the guys don't seem to like the flowers, but come on - it's a Hawaiian shirt motif! It's my fave, but the sun one is the second best for me :)

paulina said...

I love it i love it i love it!! This logo is so awesome!

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