Monday, June 23, 2008

Systers Pass-It-On Grants

I recently joined the Systers mailing list and have been fascinated by the conversations taking place there. The variety of backgrounds of all these women in technology is amazing, from undergrad students, to researchers and professors, to women in industry.

Today on the list I learned about the Systers Pass-It-On Grants. Members of the review committee are hoping to get the word out, both to find others willing to support the program, and to let women know that the next round of applications will be accepted soon.

As mentioned on the list:
The program awards small amounts ($500 - $1000 US) to women who need financial assistance for themselves or for group projects that target women in technology. Award winners include women setting up internet access and training for women in Nigeria, recruiting and supporting women in computer science courses, and encouraging girls into computer-related courses. Awards are made in small amounts for women anywhere in the world. For more information, read the Anita Borg Institute's press release about the last round of recipients:

The point of it is to make small awards to fill the gaps from other funding sources and to award them timely, and to ask the recipients to pass-on the value, monetary or otherwise, to other women in computing, as they can.
So, if you're interested in helping out or applying, just visit the program website.


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