Friday, July 18, 2008

Nerd Girls

Do you think that brains are beautiful? Geek is chic? Smart is sexy? Then run, don't walk, over to the Nerd Girls website now! With these beliefs in mind, the Nerd Girls mission is to "encourage other girls to change their world through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, while embracing their feminine power." Now you can join the movement, too!

The Nerd Girls website just launched today, and there was supposed to be a segment about it on the Today Show (I'll hopefully find it online later, since I don't have cable). If you look around, you might find something interesting on the blog section of the site.

Did you see it?

Yup, one of the bloggers is yours truly! I'll be posting one or two stories like those you find here every week. I'll also point you to those stories from this blog so you'll always know when they show up.

While you're there, you may as well also sign up for the forums, where you'll undoubtedly be able to connect with other awesome girls from around the world.


Gez said...

Mmm, it makes me wonder.
Why those girls that are so smart say such superficial things in their profiles?
Not to mention they share the same nerdy glasses (the stereotypical touch).

This looks fake and shallow. They're beautiful, none of them is fat or has any kind of defect. They look like models!
But she saves lives because she works in the pharmaceutical industry. Yea, right.

Gail said...

It's a common criticism, and one that I can't really blame anyone for having. The photos are obviously from a professional photoshoot (hence the same pair of nerdy glasses - none wore glasses in the videos). It's easy to look good when pros help you dress and do your makeup ;) I can't really comment on their profiles, but I did watch the latest Morning Show segment with them, and was impressed. In fact, the hosts ended up looking kind of dumb with what they said, not the Nerd Girls! Take a look.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gail ! this is Nam here :) I saw the Nerd girl video last week on the IEEE website.. and there were dressed much more normal than in this video.. so perhaps viewers should see the other one first ! We should start an Ontario nerd girls club..

Gail said...

Hehe, good point!

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