Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fall 2008 Goals

For your amusement, here are my goals for the upcoming school semester. While many things are listed, working on my thesis will be my top priority. I would like to get the research done by Christmas so I can spend some of the remaining time (as per my funding) working on other things.
  • Thesis
    • Develop milestones to reach so I always have a clear goal in sight
    • Finish research and be ready for writing by Christmas
  • TA
    • Take TA training courses and try to get the Teaching Certificate (don't have to do it all this semester!)
    • Will be TA'ing first year game development course
  • Seminars
    • Do a really good talk for OCICS seminar series (requirement for Masters students)
    • Attend weekly algorithms seminar put on by our computational geometry group
  • PhD?
    • Apply for NSERC just in case (due around the end of September)
  • WISE
    • Continue with planning and participating in events (one per month)
    • Attend Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (should try to present next year!)
    • Get experience working with younger girls in high school/elementary events (such as GoEng Girl etc)
  • Schedule
    • Develop a weekly schedule (reading time, lab time, seminars, etc) and stick to it
  • Mini-course
    • Hoping to have paper about this year's course published in ACM SIGCSE's December inroads (submitted July 31)
    • Apply to run a similar course again (around October/November)
  • Technical writing
    • Keep practising by updating blog regularly (including Nerd Girls)


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