Tuesday, December 9, 2008


My blog has been featured in two notable places recently. The first deserves a link-back, and the second was a big surprise, discovered only because of Google Alerts!

I found Chick with PhizzleDizzle after the author commented on one of my recent posts. Her "About Me" says it all:
I am soon going to be a chick with a PhizzleDizzle in Computer Science. W00t!
I really liked the list of Science Chicks on her sidebar (and hope to borrow that idea as soon as I have some free time). I noticed FemaleScienceProfessor, whose blog I also started reading recently. Both women write wonderful blogs that capture many of the same feelings a lot of us ladies in the sciences encounter.

Anyway, Ms. PhizzleDizzle was kind enough to mention my blog in its very own post. Thanks, I really appreciate it! :)

Now for the surprise. Google Alerts sends me an email every time it sees a link to my blog somewhere out there on the 'net. Usually, this just ends up being from Mugshot or some other obscure blog aggregation service. This time, however, I noticed it was related to ACM.

My blog was found on a page titled Surfing the Net for Software Engineering Notes, which contains all the links mentioned in a column by Mark Doernhoefer, found in ACM's newsletter for the Special Interest Group on Software Engineering. Check out the November 2008 issue if you have access to the digital library.

As you scroll down to find me, you'll notice that many well-known blogs are listed first, including Joel on Software, Coding Horror, and even the O'Reilly blogs! When I saw all these well-respected offerings, I started to wonder if my own would actually be in there.

But of course it was. So without further ado, here is what was written about The Female Perspective of Computer Science:
I mentioned that blogs allow the blogger the opportunity to create their own community of interest surrounding a specific topic. This blog illustrates this point by featuring one person’s (in this case a graduate student in Computer Science at Carleton University) view on her experience as a women in the world of Computer Science. It’s an excellent resource for various conferences and projects that focus on women in computing. The blogger, who only goes by her first name, Gail, publishes announcements on events such as the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, and the CONNECT project for the social networking of computer scientists. Gail writes very well and manages to maintain an active blog in addition to her class work. In addition to women in computing, other blog articles discuss computer animation and use of animation in video game design and engineering. This is another blog hosted out of the Google Blogger site where, after free registration, you can start your own blog.
Today has been a good day.


PhizzleDizzle said...

That is super cool!!! Congrats, Miss Famous :).

I am going to check out google alerts.

Gail said...

Definitely add your real name and any website links to the alerts - it can be very interesting (strange? entertaining?) where these things end up ;)

collin said...

guess i shoulda mentioned that the acm sw eng notes is where i heard about your blog when i posted my comment the other day.

Gail said...

Oh really? That's very cool Collin! I hope you've enjoyed it so far.

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