Friday, April 16, 2010

CRA-W Grad Cohort 2010 Next Week

I'm very fortunate to be attending my second CRA-W Grad Cohort next week. I also went last year when it was held near San Francisco. This year it will be near Seattle, and am very excited that I have a couple of school friends (and fellow CU-WISE members) to go with. We are even scheduling a bit of time in Vancouver before heading to Seattle on the train.

I wish I had known about this event during my first year of grad school. I'm not sure why, but I had never really talked about the topics covered there back at home. As a result, it wasn't until close to the end of my Masters that I truly "got" grad school. Partly because of the great insight I gained, I managed to finish my thesis and graduate, and move on to my PhD, where I've already been able to make good use of the advice.

I'll be sure to write about this year's cohort as soon as I can, but to keep you going, here are the posts from last year. There's a load of good advice in there so I definitely recommend checking it out.
If you're attending the cohort this year or live/work in the Seattle area and want to connect, let me know! I'm also looking forward to seeing some familiar faces from last year's cohort. Seattle, here we come!


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