Monday, July 26, 2010

New Portfolio

I finally have a new portfolio!

When I made the original website, I was in fourth year and expecting to work for industry. But now that I'm in grad school and looking toward a career in academia, the content just didn't suit me anymore. Although I decided to keep a section for my creative pursuits (which I still need to finish up), it is mostly an academic/teaching portfolio.

The old site was also made statically using Dreamweaver. I decided to create my new site in Drupal to make it easier to maintain and change. Although Drupal has a bit of a learning curve, I'm glad that I took the time to understand it. I've now done two sites in Drupal (our photography club site being the other), and although I have only used ready-made templates so far, I feel confident about making more custom sites in the future.

I'll be adding more information to the Research and Creative sections over the next little while, but I hope you'll check it out and subscribe to the RSS feed if you'd like to know when I add new things or have short updates not appropriate for the blog. If you have any suggestions for what to add or change, leave a comment below. You'll also find a quick link to the portfolio at the top of this blog.


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