Friday, March 6, 2009

CRA-W Grad Cohort

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but one of the greatest bonuses of grad school is the opportunity for travel. In this academic year (2008-2009), I've already been to Montreal for CCCG, Keystone, Colorado for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, and London, Ontario for the National Conference on Women in Engineering (this time as a speaker). Now, my friends, I have my plane ticket booked for San Mateo, California, where I will be attending the CRAW-W Grad Cohort, March 28-29.

I learned about this opportunity through Systers. As mentioned on the CRA-W website, the program "aims to increase the ranks of senior women in computing by building and mentoring nationwide communities of women through their graduate studies." And lucky me, all expenses are paid, thanks to Google and Microsoft!

As a second year grad student, some of the workshops I will be attending include:
  • Presentation skills
  • Networking and professional development
  • M.S. career opportunities
  • Job search and resume writing skills
  • Building self confidence
  • Publishing your research
This is in addition to a few great keynote talks, like balancing life and work, and a Google-Microsoft dinner reception.

I will also be participating in the poster session, the second 'first' for me (the first 'first' is travelling alone - my poor eyesight makes me nervous!).

I will be arriving at the San Francisco airport on Thursday and leaving on Sunday, leaving me a bit of time to explore the area. On Thursday, I hope to hit the nearby Harley shop for my dad, and see what else is in the near area. On Saturday afternoon, after the conference is done, I would like to take some extra time to see San Francisco. Must-see's are the Golden Gate Bridge and 21st Amendment. (That second one is a brew pub that I'm really visiting for my husband, who is insanely jealous that he can't go there himself.) Hopefully I'll make some new friends during the conference who will want to go with me! :)


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