Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Road to GHC12

After a one-year hiatus, I'm back at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing! We took a road trip down to Baltimore, and despite a feverish baby and some rainy weather, we got to see some fun things.

We started off in Stowe, Vermont.  We went there because it's a popular ski resort for people in our area, given the size of the mountain and relatively short drive.
While there we drove to the top of Mount Mansfield and hiked along the top toward the summit.  We didn't make it the whole way before the rain started.  Granted, it was just a drizzle when we turned around, but with the baby on Andrew's back we didn't want to risk it getting worse. The visibility was pretty bad anyway.

On the way back down, I got a nice photo of the gorgeous fall colours. I'm glad the weather didn't completely obscure this view!

Molly's fever broke when we were done in Stowe.  On our way to Connecticut, we stopped by King Arthur Flour. Our strategy for deciding how much to buy -- we wanted a lot! -- was to ask ourselves how much it would cost to ship it to Canada if we didn't get it.

We stayed in Norwalk, Connecticut because it was halfway between Stowe and Baltimore (we didn't want to drive too long any given day because of the baby).  We stopped by the aquarium, and were happy to see that Molly actually interacted with the fish.

We made it to Baltimore late Tuesday night and are enjoying the conference very much so far.  Looking forward to posting about the awesome sessions we've attended soon!


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