Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Anita's Quilt is Going Strong, But We Need Your Help

Anita's Quilt is a collection of inspiring stories from real women in technology.  I wrote about its launch back in September, and wanted to draw your attention back to it now given the amazing content that has accumulated there.

Our publishing cycle is in its third themed story campaign right now.   The Systers collection that came first showcased stories from some of the very first Systers as well as more recent members.  The next campaign was all about the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, and includes stories about how the conference started and the impact it has had on attendees.  The current cycle is called Legends and Visionaries, and includes (and will include) stories from amazing women ranging from Anita Borg herself to Barbara Liskov to Wendy Hall.  You can track our campaigns here.

If you are a member of the women-in-tech community, or just care about it in any way, we need your help.  We need you to share the Anita's Quilt website with your communities both online and in real life.  But we also need you to share individual stories.  Read a few, pick your favourites, and tweet a line about why you liked it.  Help draw attention to the women you found most inspiring.  Hopefully, with your help, we can help the Quilt grow along with its impact!


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