Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My So Called Secret Identity

Have you heard about the comic My So-Called Secret Identity? It's been making quite the buzz among many of my academic and women-in-tech friends.  I finally had a chance to read through the first (free!) issue the other day, and have to say that I love it, too!

The comic is about a girl whose super power is essentially being really smart.  This is no scantily clad girl with her clothes falling and her intelligence in question.  Cat has a great memory and sees the connections in things.  As About Cat says, "she's getting tired of pretending, of hiding, of acting dumb to save other people's feelings.  And if they won't take her seriously as Catherine Abigail Daniels, the [PhD] student and cop's kid, maybe they'll take her seriously in costume."  Even better, the illustrator Suze Shore is a fellow Ottawa resident!

Clearly a recipe for awesome. Go check it out!


Oli said...

Superpower sounds like Mike from "Suits". See something, remember it forever, see connections, learn anything, etc.

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