Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mini-Course: Content Available

I have decided to make the content from my mini-course available, with the hope that it may help others prepare for similar courses, or be inspired to do so. If you would like to use my materials, all I ask is that you contact me to ask for permission, and give credit where credit is due.

While my course was designed for young female students, there are ways to modify it for different gender and age mixes. I should caution as well that these slides don't capture the class discussions, all the activities, and so on, but they still give a good idea on the general outline of the content.

You can check out the mini-course page on my portfolio website to download the package I gave out on CD to my students (includes slides, links, and other info, but not the software installers or movies their version had). Be sure to run minibrowser.exe to get the full experience.


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