Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Accepted Talks at Grace Hopper 2009

I received very exciting news Sunday night: both of my submissions to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing have been accepted!

The first talk will be about my mini-course, and I will be sharing a one hour slot with another speaker (giving me half an hour). This is a good time frame, because it's much easier to avoid droning on if you have less time to talk. I also got some really great ideas from my reviewers, including giving suggestions on how to get funding to give such a course.

The other submission was for a group CU-WISE effort, where this year's execs would talk about how we built up our group from scratch. The plan was to expand on our very successful talk at NCWIE. We'd also like to get into some more in depth discussion, get more contributions to our Canadian WISE Groups wiki, and encourage non-Canadians to collaborate in similar ways (though we still want non-Canadian ideas shared on our wiki, the main idea is to connect WISE groups across this country).

Our CU-WISE talk was accepted for a Birds of a Feather session, and will be shared with another submission that wanted to ask the question of whether these kinds of peer groups are working. This is especially cool because, as it turns out, the other submitter knows or is good friends with some of the awesome west-coast women that I've met at various other gatherings, including last year's Anita Borg Scholar's Retreat and the CRA-W Grad Cohort! After chatting a bit over email, I think we'll get along really well and have one killer BoF.

If you are going to be at GHC this year, be sure to check us out!


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