Friday, June 25, 2010

Connecting Computer Science: Results

My course is now over, the feedback via my informal survey is rolling in, and students are working out all the kinks in their knowledge as they prepare for the exam. With things a little quieter now, I took the time to look through some of the papers handed in for the assignment described in the post Connecting Computer Science.

I picked five from among the best results and asked the students if they minded me posting their work on my website to share with all of you. I asked with the offer of allowing the students to remain anonymous, though some specifically requested their names appear in part or in full. These definitely aren't the only good ones; I just wanted to have a reasonably small number of papers that showed connections to a variety of topics.

Here are links to the papers:
I'm really proud of the students' results!


Unknown said...

Those are really great, Gail! Such a great way to get fresh ideas into technology -- I hope someone implements the dance recording program. Let's see, first you'd have to extract some keyframes and do pose detection... have a big database of moves for template matching... maybe break it down into mix-and-matchable arm or body positions...! Really interesting problem!

Gail Carmichael said...

I agree - some great stuff! :D

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