Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Outreach Campaign: Smart Girls Rock!

I've been leading an effort for our Women in Science and Engineering group, CU-WISE, to create a set of promotional items intended to be used during outreach events. We want giveaways that will be fun and that will leave the recipients with a positive image of studying science and engineering.

One of our Officers, Judy, offered to help design some buttons for our campaign. She came up with these images which are super cute!

As you can see the main theme is that "Smart Girls Rock!"

The next step is to produce a solo banner to put up at events. It should have some of these cartoons, possibly some photos taken at past outreach events, and a slightly longer slogan to go with the one on the buttons. I'd also take this design into a postcard which could have more information on what kinds of careers there are in science and engineering, or perhaps an explanation of the myths about these fields.

For the slogan, I'm thinking something like this, since there's often too much focus on the tools themselves (something males seem to prefer than females), rather than what you can do with them:
It's not about the lab coats, keyboards, or [something engineering related] - it's about making a difference in the world! Smart girls rock!
... but I'm not sure what to put for the engineering bit. I figure lab coats cover a lot of science and some engineering, and keyboards cover computing, but how to represent the rest?

If you have any ideas for the slogan or for the kind of material we should include in our postcard handouts, please do share your thoughts in the comments!


Kate said...

oscilloscope for engineering? power meter? hm...

Gail Carmichael said...

Someone suggested hardhats or pulleys - I like those too! :D

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