Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SIGCSE 2011 Paper on My Computing Course for Non-Majors

I submitted a paper to this year's SIGCSE (ACM's Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education) conference that didn't get in.  The reviews were actually fairly positive overall; I got the impression that even though it was an experience report and not a research paper, it needed to be more like the latter (so I'll know where to improve for next time).  Thanks to the power of the Internet, luckily, I can share the paper and hope that those who would find it useful will stumble upon it.

You can find the paper, called "Adding Computer Science to an Introductory Computing Class for Non-Majors," on my portfolio page about the course.  My main purpose for the paper was to show that arts students are capable of learning more difficult computer science topics if they are taught in the right way, and that they actually enjoy gaining insight into how computing works.  My hope is that other departments that have "using computers" courses for non-majors rather than "computing" courses will consider trying something new.


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