Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Techie's Vacation

My husband and I are taking a 3+ week vacation to the east coast of Canada this August, and because we're both computer geeks, there's no doubt we'll be lugging a bunch of techie stuff with us.  How much is too much?

iPhone 4 capture

First there's the cell phones.  We'll bring both, even though mine's the only smart phone.  His can act as an emergency backup or it can be used to call each other if needed.  Sadly, while we are in Newfoundland, neither will work because they have an incompatible network there.

But not to worry - we will bring at least one of our laptops, and can use the call-a-phone feature in GMail if we need to.  Should we bring both laptops? I'm thinking we should because I'll be using mine to process and upload photos (I'll want a mouse for that!) as well as check up on school / professional happenings.  I'm sure he'll appreciate the ability to check his own email and browse Reddit after a long day of sightseeing while I do that.

Then there's the camera gear.  We have a Nikon D90 that we just love, and four lenses to go with it.  Add to that the charger, extra battery, remote, memory cards, battery grip, flashes, and tripod and this stuff might just need its own suitcase! Plus, I just got a new underwater point-and-shoot camera for activities that aren't so DSLR friendly (particularly backpack hiking/camping).

But we can't stop there.  No no, I also have on my list my Nintendo DS for lazy day anywhere gaming opportunities, and an FM transmitter for the iPhone (stupid car stereo that doesn't have even an auxiliary jack...argh!).  Oh yes, and a car GPS since my data plan is useless in Newfoundland and possibly other more remote areas and an orienteering GPS for the backpacking excursion.

You know how some people use their vacation as a way to get away from technology? Yeah, I guess that's not us. Just don't tip off any would-be thieves about the whereabouts of our car, if you don't mind.


Christian Muise said...

Thieves? The cottages we're staying in contacted me earlier this week with the details: "...just head on in. We'll leave the doors open and the keys on the kitchen table."

You're going to the remote east coast -- you'll have little to worry about as far as thieving goes ;)

Gail Carmichael said...

Haha, good point! Maybe on the ferry to Newfoundland or in Quebec City, but that'd be about it. ;)

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