Monday, April 9, 2012

What Double Fine Adventure Means to Me

The very first feature-length games I played were point and click adventures.  I have particularly fond memories of King's Quest and Day of the Tentacle.  But those memories were just about lost to me as that genre of games became less popular over the years.  Enter Double Fine and their recent Kickstarter campaign.

(Image from Kickstarter campaign)

When I first heard about the campaign and realized that Tim Schafer was the mastermind behind both this campaign and my beloved Day of the Tentacle, I immediately pulled out my wallet.  I can't remember how far into the campaign that was; there's a good chance they had already pulled in quite a bit of money by then.  But as I got email updates about the progress, I started to realize that I just helped make a bit of history by contributing to the most funded Kickstarter project yet.  And I helped show publishers that just maybe, at least some of the time, they aren't as needed anymore to make money making great games.

So what does the Double Fine Adventure project mean to me? It means a return of a game genre that was welcoming and accessible to a wider audience that included me (and my mom, for that matter!).  It means feeling joy while waiting for a new game that I know I will play, rather than just watch.  It also means a chance to watch the development of that game through the documentary series that will detail the progress.

Speaking of which, I just watched the first episode of the series. Maybe it's the baby brain talking, but I had a little tear in my eye.  I couldn't help but feel so proud and humbled by Tim and all he has accomplished so far.  Can't wait to see more, Tim! Keep up the good work!


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