Friday, June 28, 2013

Teacher for a Year!

It's finally official: I get to teach for a year!

Teach Your Heart Out
Teach Your Heart Out / Krissy.Venosdale 

I've had this post bottled up for a while now, waiting for the papers to finally be signed.  As of July 1, I will be a faculty instructor for our School of Computer Science for a one year term.  I'll be taking leave from my PhD to take advantage of this opportunity.

Because this is exactly the job I want for my career, I am obviously very, very excited.

In addition to seeing what I can do in terms of recruiting and retaining women in our programs, I am really looking forward to trying a few interesting things in terms of pedagogy (though I will start small to make sure I have a handle on the courses I'm covering first).  One course I will be doing is Intro to Computers for Arts and Social Sciences, which I had been working on improving when I taught it in summers past.  This year, I'd like to try using Python and test out the book chapters I've been working on for the introductory CS book I introduced way back when (yup, we are still working on it!).  I am also hoping to use this course to further our research on using stories to teach computer science.

I've been keeping notes and links to awesome teaching resources for a while now, but I want to ask my fellow educators out there: what single tip would you give to a new instructor? What awesome resources would you share?


Unknown said...

This is a great opportunity for you and Carleton, wishing you the best

Anonymous said...

After almost 30 years of teaching at universities, I found some useful advice in Teach Like a Champion. There was a lot that was irrelevant to university level, but a lot that was useful (and that I've been passing on to grad students in TA training).

Gail Carmichael said...

Nice! I often find that even advice that seems irrelevant to post-secondary can be useful when looked at from a certain angle... I'll definitely check it out.

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