Wednesday, April 8, 2009

AR Game: Pit Strategy

I was discussing some possible PhD research ideas with my advisor-to-be, and games came up several times (he was, after all, hired as part of the game development stream at Carleton's School of Computer Science). I kept coming back to augmented reality as a potential area to focus on, not only because I find it incredibly exciting, but also because it is a relatively inexpensive way to play around with alternate user interfaces.

This video I found really inspires me to continue looking into this potential research area:

It's so slick looking! The video is from Beyond Reality, who say this game is a work in progress. If what we are seeing is a real demo and not a concept, then colour me impressed. I love how the 3D models pop out of the cards after just the right amount of delay, and the way weather is portrayed. This kind of game will be especially cool when AR glasses become more commonplace.


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