Saturday, March 24, 2012

Where Have I Been Lately, Anyway?

While I managed to get back on the blogging bandwagon in February, I've had a pretty big gap here in March.  So where the heck have I been?

I'd love to blame my absences on the baby, but it's not entirely her fault.  She's been quite good so far.  The last few days she's been more fussy, but I think it's because of the 3-month growth spurt, so hopefully that will be done and out of the way soon.  I've been able to balance getting some work-like stuff done while she plays happily beside me or snoozes.  I have even mastered the art of browsing and sometimes even typing on the laptop while she nurses.  Yay!

The bigger reason I've been busy lately (and probably will be for a little while yet) is that I'm interviewing for a job.  I'll tell you all more about it once the interviews are over and a candidate is chosen.  I've spent a good chunk of time preparing for this.

If I am successful, my plan is to finish the PhD part time.  This may sound insane, but I'm hoping that because the job lines up rather well with my research interests, I'll be able to have a lot of overlap in terms of time and effort spent.  To show it's possible, I point to Steph, who has a young kid, works full time at a job that overlaps in a sense, and manages to do a pretty kick-butt job at her Masters research.

Other than that, I've been working on our book for CS beginners, projects related to Gram's House, and thinking about the PhD project I want to focus on.  I'm looking forward to a fun summer with camping, gardening, and time spent with Molly!

What cool things have you been up to?


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